Mail Archiving

Never lose your coporative emailsi never!!!

Email archiving service on cloud infrastructure by internettescil can archive all incoming and outgoing emails for years.If your mailing program or computer collapses you can reach to all of your emails within a small period of time.

50 GB

800TL / Year
  • Print out in Outlook (PST) format
  • Advanced Archive Search
  • Momentary Archiving


  • All coming and going emails are stored in internettescil infrastracture.You can even access to your whole conversations over mail from your control panel.
  • Even if your workers computers crash or gets infected with virus they wont lose their email conversations , you can get these emails installed to that pc in no time.
  • You dont have to archive those mails on your users computers , they are one click away at our archiving server.
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